To see if we will meet in person or through a group message/Zoom meeting check out our Facebook page (You can access that here.)  or contact Brother Carey. Please stay safe and be sure to check on one another during this trying time!

family tables

Journey Church engages in the mission of making disciples through Family Tables. Family Tables (FT), or missional communities, are small groups of people committed to living as a family on mission together in the everyday stuff of life. FT’s are the arena in which the gospel comes to bear on real life issues and struggles. We share meals together, learn one another’s stories, disciple and serve one another, and through both word and deed bring the good news of Jesus to those who do not yet follow him.

DNA Groups

DNA Groups are triads of same gender individuals from the same Family Tables, who gather on a regular basis for the purpose of intensive discipleship and shepherding. DNA stands for Discover (reorienting the head as we discover the gospel proclaimed in all the Bible), Nurture (reorienting the heart based on what we learn), and Act (reorienting attitudes and actions). Individuals in a DNA Group grow more confident of their grasp of God’s Story in scripture, become more effective in their ability to “gospel” one another, and deepen relationship as family.