A person does not have to be a member of Journey Church to participate in Worship, Journey Groups, and many areas of service and ministry which are a part of Journey Church.   

The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit places each and every follower of Jesus in the Body of Christ (His church). This might cause a person to ask, “Why do I need to ‘join’ a church if God has already placed me in His Body (His church)?

This is a sensible question. In fact many of us have asked this question ourselves. Let us share the answer we found in the Word of God.  

The Word of God teaches that the followers of Jesus belong to Him and we in turn belong to each other as a body of believers. A body is one functioning unit, where the members of the body (hands, feet, etc…) work in unity with each other under the direction of the head.  

When a person receives Jesus as Lord and Savior and surrenders to follow Him, the Holy Spirit makes him or her a part of the Body of Christ (His church).

Joining or becoming a member of a local body of believers, such as Journey Church, is an important, biblical and practical way we recognize that we each belong to Jesus and to each other.  

We can not passionately devote ourselves to follow Jesus without devoting ourselves to follow Jesus TOGETHER. (We explain this in more detail from the Word of God in the Join Us For The Journey Videos). In summary then, we view joining Journey Church as a biblical and practical expression of a person’s commitment to passionately follow Jesus TOGETHER with other followers of Jesus.

Click here to download a PDF of the Church Membership Covenant.

At any point, if you have questions, we encourage you to call us or fill out the Contact Us form and one of our pastors will respond as soon as possible.