Taking applications for part time help. Must be 18 years or older. Call or email the center if interested. Thanks!!

Call (662) 869-3111



While we all pray for our educators in the school system together, I would also ask you pray for your early childcare educators as well. I view my staff as full out educators along with part time parents of the children. I'm beyond honestly blessed to see everyday, a staff love kids so much, pray for these kids, and protect these kids like my staff does. They have my back, they have each others back and they have your childs back especially. Pray with me for all educators and for all administration as well. Decisions are made hourly at times it seems thanks to covid, and we all know they have been very difficult at times as well. To our families at Journey Kids, we thank you for your love, prayers and your cooperation. You have made our coming to work enjoyable and a pleasure to serve you. We look forward to begining our new school year this week with you.
Love and Gods blessings to you all,

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Journey Kids Day School

Journey KIDS is an early childhood education center where your child will be loved as much as if they were our own and learn the love of Jesus along with the Mississippi State Early Childhood Learning Guidelines. Come see us for a visit today.

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